Motorized Scooters / Play Vehicles on Roadways

Motorized scooters are items being sold nationally, which resemble a metal skateboard with a “T” handle and a small electric or gas motor attached. They are capable of speeds of 20 mph and equipped with small hand brakes for stopping. The police department has surmised that they are "not legal to operate on city streets, public sidewalks and bike paths". Motorized scooters are motor vehicles under State Statute 340.01(35). The vehicles are self-propelled but do not fall under the same category as a motorbus, motorcycle, moped or motor bicycle. Under State Statute 341.10 (1) these vehicles cannot be licensed for highway operation because there intended purpose is not highway use. This statute also implies that they cannot be used on sidewalks because, sidewalks are generally within the boundaries of the highway. These vehicles can only be used on private property (property not open to the public).

Offenders can be cited under State Statute 346.78 Play Vehicles Not To Be Used On Roadway. The Elm Grove Police Department understands that many parents are unaware that these vehicles are not street legal. The primary concern of the department is safety. Parents are advised to speak to their families about this finding, and advise their children not to operate them on public property.