Tree Sale

After a two year hiatus, the Beautification Committee is once again offering a tree sale to Village residents. This is the perfect time to start replacing your losses, particularly from Emerald Ash Borer. All of the chosen trees have been carefully selected in conjunction with the International Arboriculture Society guidelines from our Village Forester, along with cross referencing the National Wildlife Foundation’s website. This resource ranks trees by their ability to support our ecosystem based on the number of species that use them as a host plant. As an aside, if you are interested in learning more about this, consider attending the Beautification Committee’s inaugural Book Club book, Bringing Nature Home by Doug Tallamy scheduled for September 17th.

These trees are being ordered at wholesale in bulk (groups of 10) in order to pass the savings on to residents. We decided to drop the price we are charging to $80 for each tree, despite a 56% increase in the cost to us. This increase is due to the overwhelming demand for trees to replace losses that overreach the current supply of trees this size. Our goal is to do what we can to help residents re-establish the Village’s iconic tree cover. The Urban Forestry Assessment (WisUFA) Program tracks community canopy cover, ranks communities, and helps communities set goals for improvement. Let’s do our part to make Elm Grove #1!

Trees to choose from:

5 foot Accolade Elm
5 foot Autumn Blaze Maple 
6 foot Hackberry
6 foot Chinkapin Oak
6 foot River Birch

Very specific instructions for proper planting will be provided to you for these bare root trees. Most trees do not come this size unless balled and burlap wrapped. To buy these specific tree species in the largest container available (which is still much smaller than what is being offered) would cost at least $175.

Please see the attached order form and tree poster for more information. Orders are due no later than Sept 16, 2020.