Bird Cam

The feeding stations and the live bird camera were funded through the Women's Club of Elm Grove.

View the feeders!

The link takes you to a website where you can view the bird feeders. When you open the site, you will have the option to view "Live" or select a specific time by choosing Month, Day or Hour.

Live View

The "live" view will display a still shot every three seconds.

Month or Day View

Month View

In the 'Month' view, select your day, then select the hour. Hover your mouse over the center of the image, and a floating tool bar will display in the lower section of the image. These images are saved approximately once per minute.

Day View

To view as a video:
- click once inside of the image or click the left button on the toolbar (Play).

To view as still images:
- click on the right pointing or left pointing triangles to travel through the images.

You can zoom in and out using the zoom feature in your browser.

Zoom In: Ctrl +
Zoom Out: Ctrl -
Zoom 100%: Ctrl 0

Any questions pertaining to the bird feeders can be directed to Ron Hill, the Village Forester.