Elm Grove Ice Rink

The Village of Elm Grove would like to thank the Elm Grove Junior Guild and the 
Elm Grove Community Foundation for their generous donation!   


There will be a sign indicating Open or Closed posted near the entrances of Village Park.  We will also post the status of the ice rink on the Village's Facebook page daily. 

The ice rink is located on tennis courts 1-3 in Elm Grove Park.

Please follow all rules and regulations posted and have FUN!

Hours of Operation (Subject to Change)

Public Skate:              Monday-Thursday, Saturday & Sunday: 10:00am- 8:00pm

                                    Friday: 10:00am-11:00pm

                                    Hockey sticks or pucks are prohibited on the ice 


Hockey:                     Monday-Thursday, Saturday & Sunday: 8:00pm-11:00pm


General Ice Rink Rules:

  • Please respect the “Status” signs that are posted in the park regarding the ice rink. (Green means open, red means closed). 
  • No skating or trespassing when ice rink is closed. 
  • Keep the ice rink clean - please place trash in receptacles on–site. 
  • No glass.
  • No food or drink on ice surface.
  • No smoking around the ice rink.
  • Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited.
  • No pets are permitted at the ice rink.
  • Refrain from offensive language or behavior.
  • No chipping, throwing or spraying ice.
  • Share the ice, be courteous of other skaters around you.
  • Do not sit on, hang over, or leave articles on the sideboards.
  • Parent and/or guardian must accompany children under the age of 12. 
  • Hockey or other organized games cannot be played during public skate hours.
  • Tag, horseplay, speed skating, jumping, backwards skating, or weaving across skating traffic is not allowed during public skate sessions. 
  • Hockey sticks and pucks are not permitted during public skate. 
  • No chain skating. 

Policy and Procedures: 

  • The Elm Grove ice rink is unsupervised.
  • The Village of Elm Grove reserves the right to close the ice rink at any time.  Rink will be closed for inclement weather, and any maintenance needed. 
  • Organized events are not allowed unless scheduled in conjunction with the Village of Elm Grove and appropriate agreements and arrangements are in place. 
  • The Village of Elm Grove reserves the right to expel anyone from the ice rink for violation of rules. 
  • The Village of Elm Grove is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  

Hockey Rules: 

  • No equipment or skates will be provided. 
  • No use of any goal besides the goals provided by the Village of Elm Grove. 
  • Be aware of those around you when handling pucks.
  • Fighting and horseplay will NOT be tolerated. 
  • Fighting will result in expulsion from the ice rink. 
  • No alcohol or tobacco use is permitted on the premises or on the ice rink. 

Failure to comply with any of the rules will result in immediate and potential loss of future use of the Elm Grove ice rink.

The Elm Grove ice rink is constructed and maintained by the Village of Elm Grove.  Outdoor ice has imperfections not normally encountered on indoor ice rinks.  Like all sports and recreational activities, ice skating can be dangerous.


By visiting the rink you are acknowledging such and are skating at your own risk.

All rules, policies, regulations of the Elm Grove ice rink and Ordinances of the Village of Elm Grove must be adhered to. 


For emergencies call 911

for non-emergency help, please call Elm Grove Dispatch (262)-786-4141


Report any defects or hazardous conditions immediately to the Village of Elm Grove (262)-782-6700. 


Hours may vary due to weather and conditions, snow and ice rink conditions.

Staff has the discretion to close early if an unsafe ice condition exists.


For questions regarding the Elm Grove ice rink and rules, policies, and procedures, 
please contact Village Hall (262)-782-6700