Winter Lecture Series

Mark Your Calendars Now!

6:30 p.m. in the Lower Level of Village Hall

March 20, 2024 - Nancy Benninghouse, Landscape Architect - How your garden impacts the ecosystem

Missed a lecture?

February 2024 - Todd Levine, Professor of Biology, Carroll University - Phenology 101:  Is Spring really getting earlier?
January 2024 - Spence Stenho, President, Ben Goss Bird Club - Enjoy, engage, explore:  Birding in Wisconsin
November 2023 - Danielle Bell, Native Roots, LLC - Buckthorn:  The problem, eradication and replacement
October 2023 - August Hoppe - Prune smaller trees & shrubs with confidence
September 2023 - Paul Schwabe's entire presentation on Wisconsin Native Plants
April 2023 - John Harrigan with wonderfully timed gardening information
March 2023 - March's lecture is a must see, presented by Barb Agnew
February 2023 - Don't miss Feburary's lecture from Chuck Hagner!
November 2022 - Marissa Joblonski's November lecture on Plastic Reduction here
October 2022 - Check out John Schindler's lecture on Elm Grove's Underwood Creek