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Building Board Application

  1. Section 1: Building Board Application

    The Building Board process generally takes at least three weeks. Please plan accordingly.

    • All materials listed on the appropriate “Building Board Submittal Checklist” for the specific type of project must be submitted to the Zoning and Planning Department, at Village Hall by 4:30 PM at least ten (10) business days prior to the meeting date to be placed on the meeting agenda. New home construction submittals must be received by 4:30 PM at least fifteen (15) business days prior to the meeting date.
    • The Zoning and Planning Administrator reviews proposals to insure that all necessary information has been submitted and that all proposals meet Code of Ordinance requirements. 
    • The Building Board reviews and approves the proposal for architectural appeal and functional plan. The applicant or his or her designee is required to attend the Building Board meeting to answer questions. Applications are forwarded to the Building Inspector only after they are approved by the Building Board. 
    • The Building Inspector reviews and approves the proposal for building code requirements. The Building Inspector notifies the applicant that their building permit is ready for pick-up at Village Hall and schedules any necessary inspections. Please allow ten (10) days for processing by the Building Inspector after Building Board approval. 
    • After contacted by the Building Inspector, applicant picks-up permit at Village Hall, Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 12:00 until 1:00 PM. Permit fee is paid in full at time of pick-up (cash or check only).

    Ensure you have all items filled out and ready to upload prior to starting this application. The system does not save your progress. 

  2. What are you applying for?*

    A link to the municipal code can be found below. Check with the Zoning and Planning Administrator prior to paying for the fee to ensure your fee is calculated correctly. 

  3. Section 2: Uploads
    Use the spaces below to show your project plan. The more detail you show, the less likely your plan will be delayed. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
  4. Notes: Scaled elevations from all sides, noting all exterior materials and colors. Submit four (4) sets of plans with scale no smaller than 1/8” = 1’. Submit fourteen (14) sets of plans reduced to standard, legal or ledger paper.

    For swimming pools, you must include plans for the fence, self-closing self-latching gates, etc. 

    For retaining walls, you must include a drainage plan. 

  5. Notes: Location and dimensions of proposed structure/item. Distance to all lot lines. Location of neighboring structures. Location of well(s). Parcel area. Building footprint area (max 20% of lot, generally) and impervious surface area (max 30% of lot, generally). Submit fourteen (14) copies of this survey on standard, legal or ledger paper.

  6. Notes: Existing and proposed landscaping with species list, number, and size. Submit four (4) copies with scale no smaller than 1/8” = 1’. Submit fourteen (14) copies reduced to 8.5” X 11” or 8.5” X 14” paper.

  7. Photos and/or brochures of the materials being used as long as the image shows dimensions, materials, and colors. Samples will still need to be brought to the meeting.

  8. Section 3 - Village Forms
    Use the spaces below to upload the required Village Forms. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
  9. Includes: Property Access Statement, Waiver for Special Contract Fees, Acknowledgement of Village Code Related to Fire Alarms, Demolition/Construction Code of Conduct, and a copy of the codes related to these items.

  10. In accordance with Elm Grove Code of Ordinance §30-3, any special professional services required to process your application or finalize your project will be billed to you in accordance with all applicable provisions of §30-3 and will be subject to all appeal rights as stated in §30-3.  These services include, but are not limited, work of the Village Attorney and Village Engineer.

  11. Sample materials and colors are required to be brought to the Building Board meeting.
  12. Fee Structure

    These forms and fees are due upon submission of materials. Please make checks payable to the Village of Elm Grove. Additional Permit Fees will be due upon issuance of permit by the Building Inspector. These fees may include, but are not limited to: Erosion Control, Code of Conduct sign, Penalty for work started without a permit, failure to call for inspection, Permit Renewal.

    NOTE:  Permit fees doubled for any work started without a permit.

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