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Temporary Sign Permit - Business

  1. If you are the Tenant, please include Property Owner’s written permission to have the sign on their property. This must be signed. 

  2. Restrictions
    • Signs may NOT be placed in the public right-of-way (see Zoning/Planning Dept or Public Works Dept. for right-of-way setbacks). 
    • Banner sign not to exceed 32 sq. ft. in area (8’x4’). 
    • Sign must have a Village issued green sticker, received at time of payment.
    • Signs may only be up for 15 consecutive days at a time. 
    • No more than four temporary business sign permits, per business, per year allowed. 
    • Only one temporary sign allowed at a time (no sandwich board sign may be displayed while temporary sign is up).
  3. Fees

    The following is due prior to the approval of the temporary sign permit. 

    Please send all payments to the Village of Elm Grove (13600 Juneau Blvd) and make checks payable to the Village of Elm Grove. 

    Permit Fee: $5.00

    Use the following link to pay via credit card:

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