Speed Trailer

The Police Department has a tool to help drivers maintain proper speed while traveling through the Village. The “speed trailer” can be seen anywhere around town – main streets, side streets, or even Village Park.

The purpose of the trailer is to warn drivers when they are going too fast and remind them to slow down for safety.

Request Speed Trailer Placement

  • Do you know of a problem area where traffic seems to be traveling faster than the posted limits?
  • Are you concerned about the safety of your neighborhood in relation to speeding vehicles?
speed trailer

To request placement of the trailer, you can complete the request form and submit it for consideration. The trailer runs on battery, and once deployed, can operate for 5-7 days. The Police Department will fill the requests for placement, as the unit is available.

What the speed trailer DOES do:

  • It displays the speed of approaching vehicles.
  • It displays a flashing speed to warn vehicles that are traveling too fast for the posted speed limit.

What the speed trailer does NOT do:

  • It does not take photos that could be used to issue citations at a later date.
  • It does not monitor vehicles that are traveling away from the trailer.

How the speed trailer works:

The speed limit is posted at the top of the trailer. As a vehicle approaches, its speed is displayed in large, amber numbers below the posted speed limit sign. If the approaching vehicle’s speed is excessive, the amber numbers will flash and a white strobe will activate. The flash and strobe are meant to draw extra attention to the fact that you are exceeding the speed limit, and need to slow down.