Wildlife Study Ad Hoc Committee

The Village Board approved the establishment of an ad hoc committee to address wildlife management issues. Structurally, this ad hoc committee operated through the existing Village Board Public Safety Committee. The goals of the ad hoc committee’s work were to study wildlife management issues and concerns, wildlife management and control strategies and to produce a report with recommendations for the Village Board.

The Ad hoc Committee on Wildlife Management was charged with researching issues of wildlife management in the Village of Elm Grove. The committee identified the species currently present in the Village and specific health, safety or economic issues attendant to those species. The committee report provides Village residents and the Village government recommendations and defines resources on how to support responsible and ongoing wildlife management.

In addition, the committee provided guidance on how the Village Board established a threshold of when to consider active management of a given “problem specie.” The committee report (PDF) describes the approved methods for such wildlife management and control by Village government.