Advanced Training

Fire Fighter II Certification

The second level course for fire fighters in the State of Wisconsin covering the more advanced job performance skills required by NFPA Standard 1001. Optional course that is required for advancement opportunities within the department.

Fire Driver/Operator Certification

Required for drivers/operators of fire apparatus. Course covers objectives of NFPA 1002 Standard for Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Professional Qualifications. Topics include fire apparatus maintenance, driving principals, water supply, fire pump theory, hydraulic principles and operating fire pumps.

Fire Inspector Certification

This certification is required to inspect properties for fire safety and violations.

Fire Instructor I Certification

This course trains the individual in how to instruct and train firefighters. In addition to the course, student must complete a prescribed period of time assisting with teaching skills to firefighters.

Fire Officer I Certification

This course is required for all fire officers. The course provides basic training that teaches how to manage a fire fighting team.

Fire Officer II Certification

This certification is advanced fire officer training that builds on managing a fire team to managing more fire fighting teams.