Mandatory Insurance

Effective April 1, 2010, Chapter 344 of the Wisconsin Statutes was amended to require mandatory automobile insurance. Three potential violations of this statute can result in the following citations:

  1. Section 344.63 - an operator of a motor vehicle must have proof of insurance in his/her possession. If this proof is not available, a citation will be issued, with a forfeiture of $10.
  2. Section 344.65 requires that if a vehicle is not insured, a citation will be issued to the operator in an amount not to exceed $500 plus costs.
  3. Section 344.64 prohibits the presentation of forged, falsified, counterfeit or fraudulent insurance. A violation of this section will result in the issuance of a citation to the operator, with a forfeiture not to exceed $5,000 plus costs.

This law requires that Wisconsin residents carry the highest minimum insurance coverages as compared our neighboring states. This mandate and these coverages may have certain benefits if you are involved in an accident, but they also come with certain costs, including a higher cost of insurance as compared to lower coverages required by other states.