Serving Your Community

Are you interested in serving your community?

The Village of Elm Grove is a community built on the spirit of volunteerism and involvement. All members of the Village of Elm Grove Board of Trustees, commissions and committees are non paid volunteers and provide an invaluable service to the Village. If you are interested in getting involved in your local government to help us maintain and improve our community, please fill out the Community Service Application and describe your interests and background.

As Village President, it is my responsibility to bring forward to the Board of Trustees people for appointment to all of the various committees and commissions. These appointments are typically made annually during the month of April; however, there are occasionally vacancies that occur during the year due to resignations that also need to be filled. By filling out this questionnaire you will be helping me find the best fit for you and your abilities and interests to serve the community.

Thank you for considering serving on a committee, board or commission.

Jim Koleski
Village President