Mailbox Damage

The Village of Elm Grove DPW strives to clear the streets after a snow fall in a safe and efficient manner. On occasion, there may be instances when a mailbox is damaged. Below is the updated policy on mailbox replacement:

Any mailbox and/or post that are allegedly hit by a Village plow should be called in within 24 hours of storm. Once called in, a Village representative will inspect the damage to confirm whether or not it was caused by the Village snow plow.

If it is determined that the Village caused the damage*, then:

  • Village will make an attempt to repair the existing mailbox and/or post in a secure and workman like manner, or replace with a standard #1 Rural Mailbox and 4” x 4” wooden post.
  • If resident prefers to handle the repair on their own**, they will be reimbursed up to $75 for materials, only with a copy of the paid receipt. Receipt must be submitted to Director of Public Works for approval.
  • If the mailbox and/or post damaged is less than 1 year old, and proof of purchase is submitted, the Village will reimburse up to $150 for materials only, not to exceed original purchase price.
  • If the Public Works Department is unable to make the repair during the winter season, a temporary repair will be made or a temporary box will be placed.
  • If a mailbox is not set to the proper height and setback specifications per USPS, the Village will not make a repair or replacement should it be damaged by the plow.

*Village will only assume responsibility for mailboxes damaged by direct contact with snow plow equipment. If snow load (the load of the snow rolling off the plow) causes the damage, the Village will not assume responsibility.

**If a resident chooses to replace their mailbox, it is essential that they refer to the USPS guidelines for installation for heights and setbacks for both delivery as well as plow clearance. It is further recommended that residents avoid installing plastic mailboxes that become brittle in the extreme cold temperatures, as they do tend to shatter, even with the snow load rolling off of the plow.

Note: This information pertains to mailboxes only. Newspaper boxes are the sole responsibility of the homeowner and repairs will not be made should they become damaged.