Knox HomeBox Program

Do you know what a Knox HomeBox is and how it works?

The Elm Grove Police, Fire and EMS departments have teamed up with the Knox Company Residential Knox HomeBox program to offer residents the ability to purchase a high security key safe that provides specified First Responders access to your home key in an emergency. When residents are unable to open their door, or are not in the house, the First Responders can quickly open the Knox HomeBox, retrieve the house key, and enter the home without causing any damage. After the emergency, the door can be relocked, and the house key is placed back into the secured Knox HomeBox.

Knox HomeBox

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  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Knox Key Secure System

How do authorized emergency responders access a secured home?

The Knox KeySecure System that stores the master key for the Knox HomeBox is a proprietary secured key system. The frontline Police Squads, Ambulances and Fire Apparatus, have a master Knox key locked in a Knox KeySecure unit. The Knox key can only be released from the Key Secure unit with an individual entry code assigned to designated first responders. When the proper code is entered, the master key is released and is used to access the resident’s Knox HomeBox. Each time the master key is removed from or re-installed in the Key Secure unit an audit trail is logged. This trail details which KeySecure unit was accessed, the date, time, and by which First Responder.

How does a resident sign-up and order a Knox HomeBox for their home?

If you are interested in participating in this program, the Knox HomeBoxes can only be ordered online from the Knox-Box Company at a cost ranging from $159.00 - $174.00 depending on the selected style. The website further explains the system, provides box color options, styles, and has a frequently asked question section.

Knox Home Box Product Specifications

Still have Questions?

Questions regarding this program can be directed to Fire Chief David Kastenholz at 262-782-6700 ext. 251.