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Utility Meter Reading

  1. Utility Meter Reading
    Businesses who have metered service will be listed in the drop down below. If your business is not in the drop down, you are a flat rate service fee.
  2. Which Billing Cycle Are You Submitting For?*
  3. Are you no longer in business?
    If your company is no longer at the location we have on file OR your business is out of business, please check this box. In the current meter reading box - indicate the last meter reading prior to your departure.
  4. If you do not submit an exact reading, the Village will double your last in person reading amount as an estimate.
  5. Town Bank, Watermark, Western Racquet Club
  6. Western Racquet Club
  7. Meter Reading Due Date
    Meter readings are generally due on March 15, June 15th, September 15, and December 15. But no later than the end of those months in order to be billed correctly.
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  9. Enter this meter as: 17050
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