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Right-of-Way Public Use Indemnification Agreement Application

  1. Right-of-Way Public Use Indemnification Agreement Application
    An Indemnification Agreement is required for the placement by a property owner of any plantings, light poles, landscape hardscaping, or anything within the ROW outside of the twenty (20) foot setback from the road edge or beyond the top of slope of the ditch. An Indemnification Agreement Application must be completed and submitted to the Public Works Director who will review and make a recommendation to the Public Works/Utilities Committee for their review and action. The Village reserves the right to deny any request deemed unacceptable for any reason.
  2. A ROW Indemnification Agreement will only be allowable under certain circumstances, including but not limited to installation of underground sprinkler systems and electric dog fences inside of twenty (20) feet from road edge zone.
  3. You can utilize the Waukesha County GIS to obtain an property overview if you do not have a survey available.
  4. Excessive Slopes
    Excessive slopes of drainage ditches is defined as any ditch which exceeds 2:1 slopes. Property owners who have concerns over the slope of a ditch which meet this criteria may request a review of the ditch.
  5. Acknowledgement
    By submitting this form, I understand the Village of Elm Grove prohibits the placement of any woody plants or vegetation which may be considered an obstruction or objects of any type within the remainder of the Village ROW without a ROW Indemnification Agreement. The Village is not required to alter any ditch and there is no implication of consent for any further action. Any modifications the Village is able to perform will be done within the general work schedules and placed in order of other already pending projects. I further understand this application is in no way the final permit approval. Approval will come in writing from the Director of Public Works or their designee from the Village.
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