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Portable Storage Container Permit Application

  1. Portable Storage Container Permit Application

    The use and placement of portable storage containers on properties in the Village of Elm Grove requires the submittal and approval of a permit. Any person engaged in the leasing, maintaining or transporting of a portable storage container as well as the owner of the property are both responsible to complete an application for the placement of the container on a property. The attached application form must be completed, approved and on file with the Village prior to the placement of any portable storage containers. Please review the ordinance requirements prior to submitting the application.

  2. Summary of Ordinance Requirements for Portable Storage Units (§335-65.1)
    • Portable storage containers are defined as any container, storage unit, shed like container or other portable structure.
    • No more than one container shall be on a property at any given time.
    • Container cannot be larger than 10' wide, 20' long and 10' high.
    • Cannot remain on a property in excess of 60 consecutive calendar days and cannot be placed at any one property in excess of 60 days in a twelve month period.
    • Cannot be placed closer than five feet from all property lines and 5' from the nearest wall of a building.
    • Cannot be placed in the Village’s right of way.
    • Placement of the container on a hard surface such as asphalt or concrete is preferred, however if the placement on such a surface isn’t possible it may be on non-hard surface if approved by the Village.
    • Containers can only be delivered between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Cannot be delivered on Sundays or federal holidays on which the Village Hall is closed.
    • Portable storage containers are permitted for a total period of up to 180 days on a property for which a building permit has been issued and shall be exempt from the provisions of bullet points above. The container must be removed from that property within seven calendar days of a final inspection pursuant to the building permit.
    • An extension to the time limit for placement of a Portable Storage Container may be granted provided that such extension shall not be more than 30 days and that no more than two extensions shall be granted in any given year.
    • Exemptions to exceed the number of allowable containers or number of days on the property may be granted by the Village of Elm Grove.
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  5. Exemptions

    Exemptions to exceed the number of allowable containers or number of days on the property may be given by the Village of Elm Grove. For more information, please call 262-782-6700.

  6. Fees

    The following is due prior to the approval of a storage container. 

    Please make checks payable to the Village of Elm Grove. 

    Permit Fee: $25.00

    Extension Fee: $10.00

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