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Sign Permit Application Business Sign

  1. Business Sign Permit Application

    Required for all permanent signage for businesses, including changes to existing permanent signs.

    The following items must be received at Village Hall by 4:30 PM, at least ten (10) business days prior to the desired Building Board meeting. The Village will no longer schedule an item for Building Board unless all items are received by this deadline. Please see the Building Board General Information Handout for a list of meeting dates and Village contacts. Applicants are encouraged to meet with Village staff prior to submitting materials to clarify requirements and procedures. Please see Elm Grove Code of Ordinances §335 Article VI for a complete listing of requirements.

  2. If applicant is not the property owner, please include Property Owner’s written permission to erect the sign on their property. This must be signed.

    1. Scaled elevation of all impacted areas.
      • Scaled elevations should clearly illustrate the dimensions, information to be displayed upon the sign, colors and number of faces of the sign.
      • Specification sheets, brochures, photos and other materials may be submitted to supplement the depiction of the alteration.
    2. Site plans of the area (for signage not attached to the building) showing the location    of the subject sign, together with distance from railroad tracks, streets, highways, structures and property lines.
  3. Upon approval by the Village Staff, the applicant will submit fourteen (14) sets of these materials on standard, legal, or ledger paper.
  4. Fee Structure

    No applications will be reviewed until payment is received. You can pay by cash or check at Village Hall, Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm except holidays.

    Please make check payable to Village of Elm Grove.

    TOTAL FEE = $85.00    (Building Board Submission Fee: $30.00 + Sign Permit Fee: $55.00)

    Notice: Permit fees doubled for work started without a permit

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