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Special Exception Application

  1. Village of Elm Grove Special Exception Application

    The granting of a special exception allows for a legal nonconforming structure to build an addition or enlargement, provided the structure is legally conforming with respect to use and that the addition or enlargement does not create or increase nonconformity with applicable setback lines, or applicable yard, height, parking, loading or access provisions of Chapter 335: Zoning. Special exceptions are required to be reviewed and approved by the Plan Commission following a public hearing. 

    Before the Plan Commission’s review, the applicant is required to receive conditional approval from the Building Board (see Addition Application Checklist) 

    This application filled out in its entirety must be received at Village Hall by 4:30 PM, at least twenty (20) business days prior to the desired Plan Commission meeting. Applicants are encouraged to meet with the Zoning Administrator prior to submitting the application to ensure all materials are complete and sufficient for Plan Commission review. Applicants are required to attend the Plan Commission meeting.

  2. Must include:

    • Location and dimensions of the current structure and proposed addition. 
    • Distance to all lot lines (including overhangs or other structural projections)
  3. The following items must be met:

    1. The subject structure is legally conforming with respect to use.
    2. No point on the proposed addition or enlargement have a distance to a lot line that is shorter in length than the distance from the same lot line to the closest point on the subject structure as it existed at the time of the request for a special exception.
    3. The proposed addition or enlargement is not contrary to the public interest or detrimental to public health or safety. 
    4. The proposed addition or enlargement shall not be detrimental to the character or property values in the surrounding area. 
    5. For corner lots, the Commission shall also determine that the proposed addition or enlargement will not impair a reasonable vision clearance for traffic on adjacent streets. Please submit pictures of the corner lot location and vision cues from the street.
    1. No smaller than 1/8” = 1’, of all impacted areas. (13 copies)
    2. Scaled elevations should clearly illustrate the dimensions, location and nature of proposed alteration.
    3. Specification sheets, brochures, photos and other materials may be submitted to supplement the depiction of the alteration.
  4. In accordance with Elm Grove Code of Ordinance §30-3, any special professional services required to process your application or finalize your project will be billed to you in accordance with all applicable provisions of §30-3 and will be subject to all appeal rights as stated in §30-3.  These services include, but are not limited, work of the Village Attorney and Village Engineer.

  5. Fees and Paper Copies

    After the Zoning and Planning Administrator has reviewed your application with no additional changes or additions, 13 paper copies must be furnished at the time of payment in order to be on the next available meeting. Keep in mind there needs to be two publications of your item prior to the meeting date. 

    Please make all checks payable to the Village of Elm Grove. 

    Total $450.00  

    $50 for the Plan Commission Submission Fee + $400.00 for the Special Exception Fee. 

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