History of the Department

History of the Elm Grove Volunteer Fire Department

On May 1, 1956, a group of civic-minded Village residents formed the Elm Grove Volunteer Fire Department (EGVFD) in order to provide the Village with cost-effective fire protection. Their legacy continues today, over fifty years later, by a complement of dedicated paid-on-call volunteers. View the charter members (PDF) of the EGVFD.

The department has been in continuous operation, providing fire protection to the Village and neighboring communities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ever since. The allegiance to volunteerism and commitment to serve our community and others continues to remain strong.

Past & Present Fire Chiefs

  • Roger Allen, 1957-1965
  • William Neimann, 1966-1967
  • Arthur Haley, 1968-1969
  • Duane Reusch, 1969-1981
  • William A. Schneider, 1982-1988
  • William Selzer, 1989 to present
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