Upcoming Events

Every Sunday at 11:00 am in Elm Grove Park

Let’s meet at the entrance bed to assist with the care and maintenance of the Brookfield East High School SEED/ Beautification Committee Monarch beds!

Virtual Garlic Mustard Pull

We can still make a positive difference in our community despite the COVID-19 pandemic!

Let’s get outside and pull all the garlic mustard we can and, as a community, see what together we can accomplish.

Just weigh what you pull either on your bathroom or kitchen scale and submit the weight each time you pull to EGBeautification@gmail.com. We will tally the weight and post online, updating periodically. Or just upload a photo, estimate the weight, or let us know how many bags or buckets.

Forward this information to all your neighbors and Elm Grove friends. Let’s see how many of the 2300 households in our Village we can include!

Already eradicated garlic mustard from your property? Take a walk around the Village or help out a neighbor!

Don’t know what garlic mustard is?