Permit Information


A Driveway Permit is required for the installation or improvement of a driveway, except seal coating. There is no charge for the permit.

The permit application must be submitted to the Director of Public Works for approval. The application is then forwarded to the Zoning Administrator for processing approval. The permit must be approved by both departments and on file before work can begin. The Department of Public Works will inspect the driveway culvert for possible replacement, resetting or ditch cleaning before the driveway is replaced.

If the driveway is only going to be seal coated, please see this information regarding coal tar driveway sealant, which is illegal in the Village under Chapter 120 of the Code of Ordinances.

Public Way Disturbance

Any excavation or other type of work that will disturb any public street or right of way requires a permit. The permit is required prior to any work that is done in a public way. The permit must be approved by the Director of Public Works.

Fees for the permit include a base fee, restoration fee based on the amount of disturbed area and a corporate surety bond/deposit.

A slurry backfill is to be used for road restoration in accordance with Village Code. If multiple borings are used to disturbed a paved surface then each individual boring is considered one square yard.

Public Way Disturbance Permit (pdf)

Sewer Lateral

Any work on a sewer lateral requires a permit. If any existing building is razed or remodeled in any manner that results in the disturbance of an existing sewer lateral, there must be complete replacement of the existing lateral with a new PVC lateral, at the expense of the property owner. Exceptions may be granted by the Director of Public Works if evidence is submitted that demonstrates that the existing lateral is of PVC construction or that the existing lateral has been lined.

If a lateral is abandoned it must be terminated and permanently sealed at the main. Permanent seals and their inspections are the financial responsibility of the property owner. All sewer lateral abandonment must be inspected and tested to the satisfaction of the Director of Public Works.

Sewer Lateral Permit (Online Application)

For information on other permits related to construction, please visit our Zoning and Planning Permit Information page.