Comprehensive Plan

Elm Grove's Comprehensive Plan

In 1999, the Wisconsin State Legislature enacted what is commonly recognized as Wisconsin’s “Smart Growth” legislation. Under the legislation, any program or action of a town, village, city, county, or regional planning commission after January 1, 2010, that affects land use must be guided by, and consistent with, an adopted comprehensive plan. The Village Board of Trustees adopted the Village of Elm Grove Comprehensive Plan by ordinance on November 27, 2007.

The Wisconsin Department of Administration, responsible for implementation of the legislation, comments that the comprehensive planning law was developed in response to the widely held view that state and planning laws were outdated and inconsistent with the current needs of Wisconsin communities.

An Ad Hoc Comprehensive Planning Committee was formed to represent diverse community interests in the development of the Comprehensive Plan. A household survey, youth outreach activities, and a stakeholder workshop were conducted to gather input from residents and businesses throughout the Village. The Plan Commission recommended approval of the Comprehensive Plan to the Board of Trustees.