Candidate Information

For 2021 - the following seats are open: Village President and 3 Village Trustees

Completed and certified candidates for April 6, 2021: 

President: Neil Palmer (incumbent) and Mary Inden

Trustees: Katy Cornell (incumbent), Tom Michalski (incumbent), Kristina Sayas, Ted Wenzel, Jennifer Stuckert, and John Den Boer. 

Kim Irwin has filed non-candidacy papers. 

Candidates listed above should adhere to the zoning rules when placing signage for their campaign. For more information, contact the Zoning Administrator, Tom Harrigan. 

The Clerk only notifies the applicant if there is an issue with their paperwork. All applicants listed above have been reviewed and certified to be on the April 6, 2021 ballot. To review their paperwork, please submit an open records request.  

The following information is for those individuals who plan to run for Village Trustee or Village President (both are a 2 year term):

Qualifications for Candidates

  • Citizen of the Village of Elm Grove
  • Age 18 or older
  • Resided in the Village for 10 days before any election
  • An eligible elector


  • The first day for circulating nomination papers for the above office is December 1st. 20-40 signatures needed for Trustees and 50-100 signatures needed for President. A candidate may circulate his/her own nomination papers.
  • A person may sign as many nomination papers as there are vacancies for any office. You must be a qualified elector of the Village of Elm Grove to sign any nomination paper.
  • The last day for filing nomination papers, declaration of candidacy, and campaign registration statements with the Village Clerk is not later than 5:00 PM on the first Tuesday of January.
  • Every person who is a candidate for public office must file a registration statement with the Village Clerk regardless of whether the candidate accepts contributions and/or make disbursements.


*Please see the Clerk for information regarding the packet if you have not filled one out before.