Park Condos Watermain Extension


The Village of Elm Grove will be installing a watermain on Bluemound Road in April 2014. The project is being done to provide water service to the Park Condominiums on Bluemounad Road. The project consists of watermain construction down Bluemound Road from Elm Grove Road to the Park Condominiums property.


The contactor will start work beginning March 31st. Traffic on Bluemound Road will be maintained at all times, with the “bus only lane” being closed for the duration of the project. The right turn lane from Elm Grove Road to Bluemound Road will be closed to traffic; however vehicles will be able to turn onto Bluemound Road by utilizing the southbound through lane on Elm Grove Road to turn right. Limited traffic delays on Elm Grove Road are expected due to the closure of the turn lane. Access to properties on Bluemound Road will be maintained at all times.

Contractor's Schedule

The following dates have been provided by the Village’s Contractor. This schedule is weather dependent.

March 31: Traffic control, saw cutting & delivery of materials
April 1: Excavation work
April 2-8: Install watermain
April 9-10: Sidewalk restoration
April 16: Landscaping restoration

Contacts for Project

Village Manager
Dave DeAngelis
Email Dave DeAngelis
Phone: 1-262-782-6700

Public Works Director
Richard Paul, Jr.
Email Richard Paul, Jr.
Phone: 1-262-782-6700

Design/ Supervising Engineer
Andy Petersen
Email Andy Petersen
Phone: 1-262-572-5433