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A key component of the Downtown Master Planning effort is the Charrette. A Charrette is a meeting in which all stakeholders of a project attempt to resolve conflicts, map solutions and collaborate on the future vision. The SEH team includes staff who have trained at the National Charrette Institute (NCI) and have extensive experience leading charrettes throughout Wisconsin. Design charrettes build consensus around priority action items by aligning stakeholders around a common vision for the study area.

A three-day Charrette was held on October 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2018 at Village Hall. It focused on targeted development, redevelopment areas, aesthetics, walkability, streetscapes, public art and public gathering spaces.

Day One: Three-person project team (consultants and Village) orientation and site analysis briefing; project update meetings with downtown stakeholders; introductory community and downtown stakeholder meeting to validate project goals, issues, opportunities and analysis findings to establish a vision. This may include map markups, simulate redevelopment game play and other interactive small group activities.

Day Two: Morning consultant team work planning meeting; development of initial design concepts; full project team design review session with downtown stakeholders; evening refinement work session. Work products will include hand written charts/lists, a range of hand drawings from plan diagrams, illustrative plans, cross sections and perspective sketches. Catalyst concepts and associated development programs will be prepared and tested with regard to: potential land uses and product types; block patterns, building footprints, parking and connection points; needed infrastructure and mobility improvements; and financial feasibility.

Day Three: Morning two-person consultant team work planning meeting; continued refinement of design concepts; lunch hour two-person project team work product review; completion of charrette work products; early evening presentation with community and downtown stakeholder. Final work products will include digital summary (PowerPoint) of summary information as well as hand drawn graphics, original hand-drawn diagrams, illustrative plans cross sections and perspective sketches.

Final Draft Downtown Master Plan 5.8.20

Final Draft Downtown Master Plan Map 5.8.20

Draft Downtown Master Plan 2.10.20

Public Open House Presentation 4.10.19

Draft Redevelopment Concept Plan (Concept 3) 4.10.19

Economic Analysis - Build out Analysis of Draft Redevelopment Concept Plan 4.10.19

Potential Number of Housing Units within Draft Redevelopment Concept Plan 4.10.19

Cross Sections - Draft Redevelopment Concept Plan 4.10.19

Concept Plans 1 and 2 (Alternative Design Plans)

Committee of the Whole Presentation 2.26.19

SEH Charrette DeBrief to the Board of Trustees 10.22.18

Charrette Public Presentation 10.4.18   

Charrette Alternative Design Plans 10.4.18

Downtown Master Plan Public Survey Results (as of 10.11.18)

DRAFT Elm Grove Market Analysis - Revised 9.24.18

DRAFT Elm Grove Today Report 9.26.18

Patterns of Visitation to Downtown Elm Grove

Retail Market Analysis Worksheets

Trade Area Household Projections

Trade Area Population Projections

Downtown Master Plan Charrette Schedule - October 2nd through October 4th, 2018

Project Team Preliminary On-Site Walking Tour Map 7.12.18

Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. (SEH) - Downtown Master Plan Proposal 4.13.18

Online Project Survey